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A muffin by any other name ...

What did you have for breakfast?  Coffee and a muffin.  That sounds so much healthier than Coffee & Cake but there's not much of a difference.

A comparison of a blueberry muffin to a slice of blueberry & walnut cake from a leading supplier showed the two had equivalent calories.

​The base of both a cake and a muffin is usually butter (or oil) and sugar with an egg some flour, raising agents and a selection of flavoring ingredients ranging from dried fruit, seeds, cocoa, chocolate etc.​ So apart from being individual - the core ingredients are the same.  It could even be argued that the size of a muffin may be bigger than the size of a cake serving in some situations.

7 Tips when choosing Muffins

  • Mentally and verbally call a muffin what it is ... cake!

  • Choose wholemeal/wholegrain options.

  • Choose a muffin/cake variety without icing.

  • Avoid any with chocolate, caramel or cream cheese.

  • Consider savory options - they'll have less sugar but watch out for high fat ingredients like bacon and excess cheese.

  • Consider the size - opt for smaller sizes or share with someone else or save half for later. 

Check the calorie count on a food tracker like My Fitness Pal.


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