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7 Lessons from the Potato Man

Some years ago an Australian man, Andrew Taylor lost 52 kg by eating only potatoes for one year - see the video below.

After watching his video (and without recommending you follow his specific approach), there are some valuable lessons that can be learnt by all of us in our weight management efforts.

7 Lessons about Diets from the Potato Man

While I don't agree with Andrew calling his problem a "food addiction" given that food is essential to life - he recognized that he had an unhealthy attitude toward food and relied on it for comfort and enjoyment rather than just nutrition.

2. Take food off your mind.

One of the biggest effects of eating only potatoes for a year was that Andrew didn't have to think very much about - what's for lunch, what's for dinner. The answer was always potatoes! Similarly advance menu planning can have a similar effect. Plan healthy meals and snacks for several days or a week and then stop thinking about it.

3. Aim for a permanent change in behavior or attitude.

There are lots of short-term fad diets out there that result in yo-yo weight changes. Instead, aiming for permanent behavior change or (as in this case) permanently breaking an unhealthy habit or mindset is best. Weight loss typically doesn't last with short-term adjustments.

4. Research whether it's a healthy change to make.

Like Andrew check out the literature on the change you're making and if necessary consult your doctor to make sure there won't be negative health consequences from what you're doing.

5. Commit to making a change.

Having identified what needs to change commit to it. Andrew's discipline in sticking to a potato-only diet for a year is admirable.

6. Get support.

Get your family and friends involved and on board to actively support your commitment. They don't have to do the same (although it helps) but emotional support makes a huge difference.

7. Plan ahead.

We all have special social occasions in our lives, and Andrew planned ahead for his nights out. Try not to let social events derail your commitment - if at all possible plan ahead, take your own food or check out menus in advance to fit your goals.


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